Tips for Live Streaming your Corporate Event

Live streaming your corporate event is very common practice now and many attendees expect to have a virtual viewing option if they are not able to attend the event live.

We’ve compiled a list of our top tips that apply to all event types and budgets. There is always more that you can do to enhance your attendees’ virtual experience, but this is a great start.

Live Streaming Event Tips:

1) Use Professional Equipment – Using high-quality audiovisual equipment will ensure a high-quality experience for your virtual audience, and this applies to all event sizes. Nothing is more frustrating than joining the live stream only to have low qualityaudio or video negatively impact the experience.

2) Account for Multiple Camera Angles + Microphones – Ensure that every presenter is visible to a camera and heard on a microphone. If you are planning a Q&A portion, make sure that audience members have a microphone to ask their question, or ask presenters to repeat the question for those watching online. This is often an overlooked element that can really make a difference, especially when your Q&A contains a lot of really helpful information for your audience.

3) Have Dedicated Technical Staff – Make sure that you have staff available to monitor and troubleshoot all aspects of the live stream. These staff members are separate from your team ensuring the onsite event runs smoothly, and are focused entirely on the virtual guests.

These tips may seem simple, but will have a big impact on your attendee experience. If you want to learn more about how we at Event Experience provide these services, check out our Virtual and Hybrid Events Page.

Have more questions, or want help live streaming your next event? Please contact us today for more information or to Request a Proposal.

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