3 Types of Creative Event Entertainment

At Event Experience we like to think of ourselves as the Creative Event Entertainment pros. With decades under our belt in providing engaging event entertainment, plus all of the new formats and options we created throughout the pandemic, we’re excited to walk you through corporate event entertainment from our perspective.

3 Types of Creative Event Entertainment

We think of creative event entertainment in one of three ways: passive, solicited, and stage shows. “Solicited” may have a negative connotation, but when you’re soliciting laughter and giving away prizes, that negativity quickly becomes engagement.

  1. Passive Event Entertainment is localized to a small area. The set up and emcee may draw attention to the area, but guests choose to engage with the activation.
  2. Solicited Event Entertainment is when the game host travels the event space inviting guests to engage with an activity. It is always the guests choice to participate.
  3. Stage Show Event Entertainment is when we set up in front of the whole event, the audience is captured, meaning some number of them are expected to participate, while the remaining gusts are expected to watch.

Examples of Each Format of Creative Event Entertainment

Speed Trivia(passive entertainment)

This is a fast paced, high throughput game. Guests are given 30 seconds to answer as many questions as they can. The faster they answer, the more points they get. Get one wrong and they are done, but they keep their points. The decreasing points timer as pressure and the addition of a Leaderboard adds positive competition. A fantastic number of guests can play this game in a 3-4 hour period. It’s not uncommon for guests to come back several times for the chance to move their name up on the leaderboard. The best part of this game is that it’s a great match for corporate or charity events. For charity events you add the game to the auction site and players use their bid number to play. Its great to give out prizes for the top 3 players.

Seattle Events planning speed trivia game entertainment

Music Video Bingo (passive or stage show)

Just like its non-musical cousin, but instead of numbers, we drop videos. Players don’t even need to be familiar with the music. If you can read, you can play. Just find the artist on your digital card and mark it off. Hit the winning pattern and call out “Bingo!”.

This is a unicorn game because it can be front and center at an event, yet guests can engage with it on their own terms, and they never have to worry about ‘being in front of an audience’. Its like a live band playing background music, except the songs only last 30-60 seconds and you get prizes for listening. This game can also be played in a localized area at an event, or virtually. It’s one of the most flexible and inclusive activities available for events.

Mini Game Show (passive entertainment)

Mini Game Show takes up very little space but provides a huge impact. It is our favorite activation. With a large screen LCD, or the upgraded screen/projector package, speakers, and wireless, tabletop buzzers, guests get an immersive game experience. MGS also opens our entire game library so guests can have new experiences throughout the event, and on their own terms.

Mini game show Seattle events creative entertainment ideas

Traveling Game Show (solicited entertainment)

Traveling Game Show is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows for trivia-based games to be played absolutely anywhere. Traveling game show creative event entertainment in Seattle at corporate event

Guests can be standing in line for a drink, at the buffet, gathered around a cocktail table, or sitting at their cubicles.

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Players see the questions on a 15″ screen and use wireless, handheld buzzers to buzz in. The engagement level makes this platform special. Built to travel, TGS engages with 5-6 players at a time, perfect for guests that don’t want to be in front of a crowd, but feel safe around a few friends or colleagues.

Friendly Feud (stage show)

Just like the TV version from the 70s, including theme song and game sounds. We send your group the survey questions in advance, so their answers reflect your people. This is super fun, especially when they don’t like an answer. The terrible answers given are fun for the audience. Contrary to the game’s name, Feud is a great bonding experience for the players.

event entertainment family feud stage show

Still have questions or want more information?

We hope this helped, but if you want more, contact us and we’ll be happy to talk through your specific event entertainment needs.

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